Friday, September 24, 2010

Haiti Here I Come

Well folks the time has come.  I am planning my next trip to Haiti and going there very soon to get started on the Holy Crap! film about SOIL (

Getting so excited.  It looks like me and my small two-person crew will be staying at the Coalition House down the street from the SOIL house, where apparently there are lots of other internationals for different projects.  We'll have one room with three cots in it, plus perhaps i might pitch a tent on the roof as well, as it will be cooler up there at night.

I've only spent two or three nights in Port au Prince on my prior trips to Haiti, so this will be great to get to know the capital a little better.  I guess the area we're staying in is called Delmas, and then there's Petionville, Cite Soleil, Carrefour, and at least one other district I believe.  Of course as in all major cities each district has its own scene, its own reputation, its own history.

So much of that history was crumbled to the ground in less than 5 minutes on January 12, 2010!  But of course it lives on in the memories and in the minds and in the hearts of those who made it through the shaking, made it through the concrete graves, who made it to sunrise and who live to tell the story of life before the quake.

But I am not going to Haiti to tell the story of the quake, nor of the thousands of starving people waiting for life to resume, nor am I going there to tell the story of aid left undistributed after massive international generosity drove the country from the public's mind with a 'we did what we can for haiti' and a 'time to do something for pakistan', nor am I going to Haiti to tell the story of political unrest.

I am going to Haiti with a small film crew to tell the story of how in  6 months one organization supplied 300 Haitians with jobs and built over 100 composting toilets in the displacement camps, where the human waste was harvested for compost and treated at an ecological site outside the city to be eventually used as fertilizer in a baron land.

Holy Crap!

Every animal of every species is consuming on a daily basis and discarding on a daily basis.  It is part of what defines us as animals, and without this constant churning through we would cease to exist.

So the very thing that sustains us:  food -- is also the very thing that is digested through the body in a system similar to compost -- then turned into waste which passes through the body regularly to make room for the next round of nutrients.....

Then, if you discard your waste using the correct kind of toilet seats at these very progressive state of the earth toilets, it will separate it for you and wise kind souls will take care of it for you and your family until it's ready to be used on your garden to plant seeds for new life......


stay tuned............